Daily | Sep 8, 2021

SEC threatens to sue Coinbase

Alan Howard-Backed 10T Raises $750M for Debut Crypto Fund

SEC threatens to sue Coinbase over crypto lending program

Flexa Launches Lightning Payments in El Salvador as Bitcoin Law Goes Live

FDIC Nears Deal With Anchorage to Manage Assets of Failed Banks

NBA All Star Steph Curry Joins FTX as Global Ambassador

Polkadot indexing protocol SubQuery raises $9M in SAFT sale

Christie’s To Auction Art Blocks NFT With Ethereum Bidding

Food for thought


What happened in the crypto market yesterday?

Analyzing Tuesday’s Flash Crash

Speculation and the Smart Contract Wars

FTX Q&A with Dan Matuszewski of CMS Holdings

Decentralized Exchanges Will Eventually Trade Everything

The Indexes Unlocking More Efficient DeFi Exposure

What is the 'metaverse' and how does it work?

As Banks Lend Less Money, Small Businesses Need More. Enter DeFi

Crypto: developing countries provide fertile ground

The Binance Smart Chain: Scalability in Action

Vitalik: We need to move NFTs onto L2 to cut fees

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