Daily | Sep 28, 2021

Facebook Is Spending $50M to Build Metaverse

Art Blocks hit with ‘block reorg’ during latest frenzied auction

Facebook Is Spending $50M to Build Metaverse—'Responsibly'

Immutable X raises $12.5M in under an hour through CoinList token sale

Avantgarde Eyes DAO Treasuries, Asset Managers With $5.5M Round

DeversiFi Says User Funds Are Safe After $23.7M Gas Fee Blunder

Revolut to Launch Crypto Token: Sources

Permissioned DeFi platform Aave Arc gears up for launch

Coinbase to Allow US Users to Deposit Paychecks Directly in Crypto

Ethereum Developer Virgil Griffith Pleads Guilty

African Crypto Exchange Yellow Card Completes $15M Round

CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap now blocked by China's internet firewall

Investors see China ban as a buying opportunity with $95M inflows

Food for thought

These Tape Bombs are Frustrating

Digging into Uniswap DEX Data

Can NFTs happen in a crypto-less China? Amazingly, yes.

Direct exposure to crypto might be better than ETFs, executives say

Atari Founder Is Launching Augmented Reality NFTs on Ethereum

Stablecoins, Stability, and Financial Inclusion (a16z)

DAOs Accelerate Token Swaps in Push to Diversify Their Treasuries