Daily | Sep 23, 2021

Dapper Labs raises $250M at $7.6B valuation

NBA Top Shot creator Dapper Labs raises $250M at $7.6B valuation

Coinbase to propose crypto regulatory framework to US officials

Crypto custodian Cobo raises $40M Series B to expand DeFi-as-a-service

Fed to release paper on CBDC soon, Powell says

Biden to Tap Crypto, Big-Bank Critic Saule Omarova to Run OCC

Solana-Based DEX Orca Raises $18M Series A Funding

Dfinity to Launch Bitcoin Smart Contracts on the Internet Computer

Big Thai bank SCB to create $600M blockchain, digital asset, FinTech fund

Circle Taps Plaid for ACH Payments as USDC Market Cap Hits $30B

$200M Crypto Quant Cambrian to Offer Funds That Cut Volatility

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