Daily | Sep 16, 2021

A16z in talks to back CoinSwitch Kuber at $1.9B

A16z in talks to back CoinSwitch Kuber at $1.9B valuation

Coinbase Applies to Trade Crypto Futures In Derivatives Push

Hydropower-rich Laos pushes into crypto as it authorizes mining and trading

Ex-Crypto Fund Manager Stefan Qin of Virgil Sentenced to 7½ Years in Prison

Franklin Templeton Files for $20M Blockchain Venture Fund

Anchorage Hopes to Shake Up Big Crypto Trades With Dark Pool Deal

Dogecoin Copycats? Trademark Fight Erupts Over Joke Crypto Worth Billions

OpenSea NFT insider trading highlights corporate policy issues for digital assets

Solana Promises ‘Detailed Post-Mortem’ After 17-Hour Outage

Theater chain AMC to accept other cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin

Interoperability Startup LayerZero Comes Out of Stealth With $6M in Funding

Stardust raises $5M to provide secure USD payments for NFTs in games

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