Daily | Sep 13, 2021

Coinbase to Sell $1.5B of Debt

Coinbase to Sell $1.5B of 7-Year, 10-Year Debt to fund GCP, M&A

Steve Cohen Helps NFT Firm Recur Reach $333M Valuation in $50M Round

Brevan Howard Appoints Colleen Sullivan to New Crypto Unit

Virginia Public Pensions Make a Direct Bet on Crypto

Singapore bank DBS charts ambitious plans for digital exchange

Stablecoins Face Crackdown as US Discusses Risk Council Review

dYdX Drops Over $1B to Past Users in Airdrop

Pantera Capital’s Latest Crypto Fund Has Raised $369M Since July

SkyBridge accelerates its move into crypto with a blockchain partnership

Food for thought

Gensler: The Antiquarian’s Approach to Crypto

Crypto’s decoupling cycle

Crypto ETF assets treble as investors take risks

The Future of Work

NFTs are going to impact nearly every sector

Crypto and Sports: A Marriage Made in … Well, We’ll See

THORchain Analysis and Valuation

A full time DAO career

Play-to-earn games as an interface for work and learning

Our Network: the Loot Emergency Issue