Daily | Oct 4, 2021

US Seeks to Regulate Stablecoin Issuers as Banks

Biden Administration Seeks to Regulate Stablecoin Issuers as Banks: WSJ

6,000 Coinbase Users Robbed in Phishing Attacks, Coinbase Will Reimburse

Robinhood App Downloads Down 78%, Binance 50% Amid Summer Doldrums

Compound Labs' general counsel Jake Chervinsky announces departure

Cryptocurrencies have growing systemic financial stability implications: IMF

Fed Prepares to Launch Review of Possible CBDC, potentially this week

Grayscale Adds Solana and Uniswap to $495M Large Cap Fund

SEC rolls decisions on four bitcoin ETF applications to end of 2021

Wintermute Wants to Become MKR Market-Maker Via Governance Vote

Food for thought

Walk-in Crypto Exchanges Emerge Amid Bitcoin Boom

The Quest for Perp AMMs

Cryptoeconomics as a Limitation on Governance: Paper

Vitalik’s response: On Nathan Schneider on the limits of cryptoeconomics

Why Lightspeed Ventures Is So Bullish on NFTs in Gaming

CBDC Impact on Banking Sector Could Be Manageable: BIS Report

Polygon Flips Ethereum on Active User Addresses

Blockchain Bros and Crypto Socialites Came to Party

B2C2 Interview with Jeff Dorman of Arca

Financial Advisers Pitch Bitcoin to Investors to Offset Portfolio Losses

Bitcoin 3Q 2021 Review: NYDIG

The bull case for NFTs as a technology

How open lost to closed in Web 2 — and how Web 3 can bring open back