Daily | June 25, 2021

Chainalysis raised $100M at $4.2B valuation

Blockchain forensics firm Chainalysis raised $100M at $4.2B valuation

Citi forms Digital Assets Group in wealth management unit

Amun Launched Two Index Tokens To Simplify Access To DeFi

Circle wants to help companies access DeFi lending markets with new API

SharedStake Down 95% After Insider Exploit

Robinhood’s IPO Plans Slowed By SEC Asking About Crypto Trading Business

London MET Police Seize $158M in Massive Crypto Raid

El Salvador’s Bitcoin Law Effective Sept 7, E-Wallets to Get $30 in Crypto

Gemini pledges to offset 350,000 tons of bitcoin-related carbon emissions

FTX Buying Stake in Stocktwits: Sources

Custodian Prime Trust Cuts Ties With Celsius

Japan’s Financial Services Watchdog Issues Binance Warning

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