Daily | July 26, 2021

FTX and Binance Remove High Leverage

FTX and Binance Remove High Leverage From Exchanges

Bitcoin Surges Near $40K as Shorts Fuel Rally on Amazon Rumor

Robinhood Eyes Crypto Lending and Staking Services

Uniswap Limits Access to Stock Tokens Citing "evolving regulatory landscape"

Hedge funds back away from Binance after regulatory assault

Binance US Aims to Copy Coinbase ‘Playbook’ and Go Public: CZ

Investment products outflows for 3rd consecutive week, totaling US$28M

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Mark Zuckerberg on why Facebook is becoming ‘a metaverse company’

An analysis of the Anon Trend in crypto discourse

How luxury labels are cashing in with NFTs

Crypto has ‘no inherent worth’ but is good to trade, says Man Group chief

Deflation is About to Whack DeFi Tokens — Is This Actually a Good Thing?